Frequently Asked Questions (for further help contact

What is textme?

Textme is a web to mobile sharing service. It makes online content instantly sharable with any mobile phone in the country.

Why should I use textme?

Because it's the fastest way to share content from the web to a mobile phone. It's simple and absolutely free to use!

What can I share with textme?

Textme can be used to share almost any content on the internet, including:

  • Web Pages
  • Text
  • Images
  • Videos
  • or any link

How do I use it?

If you are still having doubts about our services please contact We will be glad to help you out


Will I be charged if i click on the link at the end of the message on my phone?

Accessing the link received at the end of the message is like accessing any other web content using your mobile phone. Textme does not charge you for sharing content to a mobile device.

Is Textme free?

Textme is absolutely free no matter how many times you use it to share content. It will always stay free.

Can I submit ideas to textme?

Ofcourse you can! Send your feedback and suggestions to We promise to reply to every email we receive (sometimes we maybe late, but we will ALWAYS reply).

Accounts and Registration

Do I have to register to use Textme? How do I register?

Yes, you must be a registered user to start using Textme. You will be asked to register as soon as you try sending your first message using Textme. Don't worry, it takes a few seconds.

How do I change my password?

When you are logged into Textme, you will notice a tab on the left hand side of the page that says 'My Account'. Click on it and you will find a 'Change Password' option.

I seem to have forgotten my username/password?

Well, your username is your registered mobile number. You can forget your username only if you forget your mobile number.

Incase you have forgotten your password, click on Forgot Password when sharing content and enter your new password. A verification code will be sent to your registered mobile number. Once you enter the right verification code, your password will be changed and you can now log in to Textme with the new password.

Publishers (for website owners only)

Why should I integrate textme on my website?

Because as of now, it's the only way to let your visitors share your website's content with a mobile phone. We keep talking about mobile internet becoming the next big thing, but when it comes to our website, we simply decorate it with a facebook and a tweet button. Textme changes this by giving you a button that makes your content instantly sharable with any mobile phone in the country. Adding the Textme button to your website increases the mobile engagement with your audience.

Maximise content sharing on your site by embracing a new generation of mobile internet users. Multiply mobile traffic by adding the Texmte button on your web page and increase engagement with your audience. Users have the freedom to customize the share. Textme not only extends your content reach but also grows your mobile traffic and multiplies your audience!

How does the link help my website?

We encourage visitors to return to your website by providing a linkback at the end of the message. Sharing a link to a webpage you've just found is a great way to spread information. With the Textme Button, you can quickly share the webpage you're viewing with any mobile phone user. You do not have to shorten, copy or paste the desired URL as Textme does all this automatically at the click of a button!

Do I have to register to integrate Textme on my website?

Nope. In a few days, we'll have the code ready for grab on the homepage and you can simply copy and paste it on your website to use it. It's as simple as adding a facebook, tweet, addthis or sharethis button.

How do I integrate the textme button on my website?

Use our quick wizard. It takes a few seconds.